Life is too short

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Olive Barrigar 1914 - 2006


Although you are no long here, I still feel your presence. Though deaf in ear, you can hear my love.

I am so glad to have known you for even a small part of my life. When flesh and blood turned me away, you welcomed me in. I hope that you ascended in to the heavens peaceful and weightless....for your heavy heart not weigh you down.

I wish I could have gotten to see you in the last years of your life now you can look down on me and guide me through rest of mine.
Im moving up now, going to college and moving in the right direction. I hope your proud. I remember those Summers when you would take me to your house and we would play gin rummy, and when you would try to teach me sign language. I miss those days.... You loved me as if I were your own....even when your own turned his back on me.As I move ahead, I hope that you walk beside me and help me to make the most of my life and help me make the right decisions.

I want to make you proud
I will carry you in memory

We will meet again sometime down the road


Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Man oh man what a crazy fun filled weekend. It was really nice to go home for the holiday. I have definately missed its comforts. Hill and I got in Rochester the day before Thanksgiving and made the rounds around town visiting everyone we possibly could. There were some people I did want to see, however their efforts werent matched...but whatever! I celebrated Thanksgiving both with Hills fam as well as my own. I did on the holiday find out however I am going to be an uncle and thats pretty exciting in itself. After the holiday I did some more hanging and before I had left Mamaroneck I picked up some shifts at the Henrietta Outback. It was nice seeing the old gang and catching up with them. On Sunday Hillary felt a bit under the weather but we werent going to let sickness get the best of us! Hill and I got home early this afternoon and we have class tonight. I will put up some pics of the weekend, and write more later!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Its funny how music takes you back

So last night I decided to pop in an data disc that had a group called Foreign Exchange on it. For those who are unfamiliar with the Exchange, they are a fantastic, not too well known hip hop group that never really got big. I do recommend finding them on Itunes and buying their album. While listening to them, it brought me back to the Winter / Spring / Summer of '05. A time when I was very close with the guys from Tracy Street (which then it was East Main Street). Back to when (in my old apartment) Chris and I would have random people over at random hours of the night. Also back to when I was Dj-ing on the regular. And also to the time when I met Hillary. This album really brought me back.....strange how music will do that to you. Im really looking forward to going home for the holidays and seeing everyone. 05' was one of the most eventfull crazy years ever, and I find it strange that I still think about it now. As you get older the chapters of your life are so detailed and you can always remember them as if it were yesterday.

As for life is going well. I just finished Midterm week and have 4 A's an one B+, so Im really satisfied in my school aspect. Hillarys 21st birthday is right around the corner and Im excited to celebrate that with her! And Outback is still the same old Outback. Well its time to get moving and get ready for work. I have to be at Outback from 4:30pm - 11:30 (ish).

Thursday, October 12, 2006

One of the best shows I've seen in a long time

A overview of last night...... So it was a pretty rainy night October 11th. Hillary and I took the train into Manhattan and took the Subway to Webster Hall. The tickets were at the Will Call, however the line seemed to move fairly quickly and we didn't really wait in the rain too long to get in which was nice. We got inside and set up shop in the front row. On the left of us were these really nice girls from Ireland, and to our right we two girls (which one had asked if we at Jamiroquai last year b/c she too was in the front row). And behind us were two really annoying girls who bitched about how Hillary and I were in front and just bitching and being annoying in general. A group called the Double opened for the Jaxx. They are a rock group, whose music only pierced Hillary and my ears and sounded nothing close to what Basement Jaxx plays. Soon enough though they were finished and it was approximately around 9:45pm. The Jaxx were supposed to come on at 10:00pm, they hit the stage at 10:15pm. Then with a burst of energy the music came on the the performers came out. They opened with "Good Luck" off their Kish Kash album. The outfits were absolutely crazy but th performers pulled off the feel of the show very well. Basement Jaxx then performed "Romeo". But the songs I were looking forward to were: Hush Boy (Which wasn't performed at all), Oh my Gosh, Everybody and Bingo Bango. After Romeo they performed "Oh My Gosh" which sent the crowd crazy...and yeah well myself haha. I really like the live band aspect of the show to. They had brass players as well as a: guitarist, drummer, and percussion. One of the highlights of the night though was during the performance of "Red Alert", one of the female performers put the microphone in front of Hillary, and we sang part of the chorus with the group. Basement Jaxx really knows how to get the crowd involved and they really know how to put on a show. Before we knew it however the show was just about over, and the encore song was "Bingo Bango". At the end, the stage hands were beginning to clean up and one of them gave Hillary the setlist for the show. Pretty Awesome if you ask me. Those crazy Brits put on a damn good show for sure!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Basement Jaxx tomorrow night!

Well its finally here.....the Basement Jaxx concert is tomorrow and Im really excited. I've never seen them before and their only playing two U.S. tour dates this year (NYC and LA). It should be a great show and I will definately have pictures posted Thursday sometime throughout the day. Also next monday Hillary and I will be going to Crobar to see Danity Kane. That should be an interesting show.....hopefully it wont be too too ghetto. Anywho, that's it for now details to come later after the show!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Big 25

First of all....Happy Birthday to ME! Haha nah, for real though....This past year has been nothing short but craziness. Quite a few highlights and a few lowlights as well: Meeting Jamiroquai, getting a dog, I got braces!, getting fired from Coyote Joes, getting accepted to Manhattanville, and actually following through and moving to NYC to attend Manhattanville, seeing Paul Van Dyk in concert, and getting into my first "Bar Fight" at no other than Coyote Joes. That's my 24th year of life in a nutshell. I feel as if I finally am getting it together, like all the pieces are falling into place. I'm out of debt, getting my education and looking towards the future. This second time around at school is much more fruitful and I'm dedicated to my studies. Hillary and I are at the best possible level we can be at right now, we laugh, we argue, we agree, we disagree but at the end of the day it still comes down to us. Without her I wouldn't be where I am right now. I do miss home, and the people I left behind but I know this was the best decision. Lets face it I would still be working at Wegmans from 6:00-2:30 everyday and I'd still be Outbackin' it too. My 24th year was full of surprise and change, and my goals for my 25th are to stay focused, and save money. Easier said then done but I know my focus is there and I need to keep it there.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

First week into September.......

Well things have been nuts this first week into September, I have a night off from Outback tonight which is very unusual but hey I'll take it. As of right this second im in the computer lab playing around online while I wait for Hill to get out of her class I should be doing work but, eh. Im not sure what exactly September will hold but I have no real plans for the month. I got the "Old" Birthday right around the corner, but Im more focused on school. I did find out today that Basement Jaxx will be performing in Webster Hall October 10th and 11th, which I will be definately going to. Its during midterms week but I'll survive. I gotta make sure Hillary will survive too =p this means I may not be comming home Columbus Day weekend but we'll see. Well im gonna go do something more productive now.....