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Monday, July 24, 2006

18 days and Counting.....

So for those who dont know, I will soon be moving to NYC (well White Plains (well Mamaroneck) ) to complete my secondary education. Hillary and I have our apartment and are literally counting down the days until I leave the only city I've ever known.I will be attending Manhattanville College pursuing a degree in Music Business and a minor in Music Tech. Moving away from Rochester isnt without its hard decisions.....the Biggest being having to find Weenie a home for a year until Hillary and I find a place that takes dogs, and worse scenario would be to have to find Weenie a new home forever. Sometimes though you need to make some sacrifices to suceed. I dont know recent events have really motivated me and have made me become more excited about leaving. I feel as if I will really find myself and become more focused on getting my life together. During these last few weeks home I will be working my ass of and saving as much as I can so that way I have a cushion for a little bit when I first get there. Until August 13th I will try to live up these last three weeks Im home.....


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