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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bruised and Tattered but not broken

So last night I was at Coyotes Joes with Hillary just enjoying one of the last few weekend nights I have here in Rochester. Now Friday nights are promoted by Kiss 107 fm and they have their street team and young people who help promote the night. Hillary had left to use the bathroom and I was on the floor just kind of doing my thing when one of the promoters challenged me to battle him ( batteling is when you challenge someone to a dance off). Now he was all sorts of trying too hard by consistently giving me a push or a shove when he could. But then he took off my hat and put it on himself. Now this I dont have a problem with b/c usually battles are fun and its a bunch of horseplay, however this wasnt the case. So he decided to throw it in the crowd and walk away. I was a tad shocked but more or less a lil pissed. So I walked up to him asking me where my hat had went and the next thing I knew I caught a right hook to the left side of my face. A pretty dick move so I grabbed him and brought him down. Before I knew it the bouncers had him, threw him out and I was there standing with my friends and everyone around me telling me I was bleeding. So I recieved a cloth with some ice and went outside seeking police help. Nevertheless this asshole was in cuffs and in the cop car awaiting the trip to jail for assault. I went to the E.R. and recieved some Durabond for my laceration. I guess I dont understand the immaturity of some people, and the lack of dissrespect. Oh well, NYC in 2 weeks.......


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