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Sunday, August 06, 2006

7 days away......

So, I have already made an attempt to fall asleep and that has failed me. I have to work at 6:00am at Wegmans and Its 12:58 right now. Im getting a little ansy about the Big Move to NYC. Im a little scared and very excited. I know that Manhattanville is where I want to be because I definately want an education, and I know that being so close to NYC is what I want as well. To leave the only home I've ever known is a little scary though. Leaving Weenie will be pretty tough as well seeing as he has kept me such great company. But my parents will be taking good care of him and that makes me happy. I just hope that taking the gamble to move to NYC will pay off and not blow up in my face. I will have a job working for Outback which is nice and hopefully (crossing fingers) I will make enough money to survive and live comfortably just working there. I dont wanna run myself ragged like I do now. Well its only 7 days away until the big move and Im still counting down day by day.......


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