Life is too short

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Man lifes been crazy....

Well my first introductory week of going back to college is almost over, and am I beat. My classes are going pretty well, and I think Im satisfied with my current courses and professors I have. Im going to get pretty beat up this semester but it will be worth it in the end. Im addition to schoolin' it Im still working at Outback paying the bills (which may I add the money is much better then at home) and I am also planning joining the Hip-Hop dance team in hopes that I dont again get into another dance battle haha. I miss home, but Im way too busy to be missing it that much. I do have plans on going home in early October so hopefully I can see everyone there. Well, its off to bed for me, I got 9:20am class tomorrow and not to mention 3 classes total, while working in the bookstore and doing the Outback thing at night. Saturday cant come soon enough!


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