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Thursday, September 07, 2006

First week into September.......

Well things have been nuts this first week into September, I have a night off from Outback tonight which is very unusual but hey I'll take it. As of right this second im in the computer lab playing around online while I wait for Hill to get out of her class I should be doing work but, eh. Im not sure what exactly September will hold but I have no real plans for the month. I got the "Old" Birthday right around the corner, but Im more focused on school. I did find out today that Basement Jaxx will be performing in Webster Hall October 10th and 11th, which I will be definately going to. Its during midterms week but I'll survive. I gotta make sure Hillary will survive too =p this means I may not be comming home Columbus Day weekend but we'll see. Well im gonna go do something more productive now.....


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