Life is too short

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Olive Barrigar 1914 - 2006


Although you are no long here, I still feel your presence. Though deaf in ear, you can hear my love.

I am so glad to have known you for even a small part of my life. When flesh and blood turned me away, you welcomed me in. I hope that you ascended in to the heavens peaceful and weightless....for your heavy heart not weigh you down.

I wish I could have gotten to see you in the last years of your life now you can look down on me and guide me through rest of mine.
Im moving up now, going to college and moving in the right direction. I hope your proud. I remember those Summers when you would take me to your house and we would play gin rummy, and when you would try to teach me sign language. I miss those days.... You loved me as if I were your own....even when your own turned his back on me.As I move ahead, I hope that you walk beside me and help me to make the most of my life and help me make the right decisions.

I want to make you proud
I will carry you in memory

We will meet again sometime down the road



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