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Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Man oh man what a crazy fun filled weekend. It was really nice to go home for the holiday. I have definately missed its comforts. Hill and I got in Rochester the day before Thanksgiving and made the rounds around town visiting everyone we possibly could. There were some people I did want to see, however their efforts werent matched...but whatever! I celebrated Thanksgiving both with Hills fam as well as my own. I did on the holiday find out however I am going to be an uncle and thats pretty exciting in itself. After the holiday I did some more hanging and before I had left Mamaroneck I picked up some shifts at the Henrietta Outback. It was nice seeing the old gang and catching up with them. On Sunday Hillary felt a bit under the weather but we werent going to let sickness get the best of us! Hill and I got home early this afternoon and we have class tonight. I will put up some pics of the weekend, and write more later!