Life is too short

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Man lifes been crazy....

Well my first introductory week of going back to college is almost over, and am I beat. My classes are going pretty well, and I think Im satisfied with my current courses and professors I have. Im going to get pretty beat up this semester but it will be worth it in the end. Im addition to schoolin' it Im still working at Outback paying the bills (which may I add the money is much better then at home) and I am also planning joining the Hip-Hop dance team in hopes that I dont again get into another dance battle haha. I miss home, but Im way too busy to be missing it that much. I do have plans on going home in early October so hopefully I can see everyone there. Well, its off to bed for me, I got 9:20am class tomorrow and not to mention 3 classes total, while working in the bookstore and doing the Outback thing at night. Saturday cant come soon enough!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Crobar and Paul Van Dyk experience

Well overall it was a pretty crazy fun weekend. Scott got into town safe and sound on Friday and we relaxed at my place and I cooked dinner for he and Hillary.The plan afterwards was to see Sander K at Crobar later friday night. Turns out he cancelled to due "illness" and we all were a little curious as to who was going to cover.....after Scott made a few phone calls we found out Seb Fontain was going to be covering which was a respectable substitute. About 12:15 am re arrived at Crobar and the line was huge. Scott and a friend Johnny cut the line and got in and Hillary and I got in soon thereafter. We paid the $20 cover which was reduced from $30 because we were on the guestlist and we headed into the house/electronic room. Gino the Ginny was %100 right on his obsevations of the club haha. The hip hop room was well.....ghetto as expected. And the dance room was filled with Indians, asians and tough guy italians in their wife beaters AHEM...I mean white tank tops. It was over crowded and I must have been bumped into more then a dozen times. Seb had the crowd filled with alot of energy but he persued to play alot of tribal and it was a bit repetitive. Anywho it was decent, but im not in a rush to get to Crobar again anytime soon. We got to Grand Central around 4:15 am and we had to wait till 5:15am to get inside to catch our 5:30 train back home. Grand Central around that time is very amusing. There are alot of people in their 20's passed out probably due to too much drinking, and even the awake drunks are equally amusing, especially when they throw up in GC like this one girl did. We got home around 6:15 am, and passed the fuck out.

We woke up Saturday afternoon round 2:00pm and began our day getting ready for Paul Van Dyk. Hopped on the train, grabbed a slice of pizza on 42nd and made our way to Central Park. We got their no problems and the will call and main line seemed to run very smoothly and we hardly waited to get in which was nice. Gates opened at 4:30 and the show started at 6:00. Well Paul went on the crowd went crazy and everyone dashed toward the stage. As expected there were all walks of life which is really cool and there were alot of positive vibes which made everything enjoyable. The show went from 6:00pm-10:00pm and it ended right at 10:00pm. It was my first Trance show and Hillary and I enjoyed it greatly.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sander K and Paul Van Dyk This Weekend!

Sander K

Finally the time has come to see some really great shows in the city. One of my great friends Scott, Hillary and myself are going to be making a two night in a row trek in NYC to see these famous Djs'. There will definately be pictures and hopefully some pretty cool stories after this weekend is through.

Paul Van Dyk

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

All moved in

Well first of all a BIG Thank you to everyone who made it out for Hillary and I's last few nights out. We had a great time and look forward to catching up with everyone later in the next few months. As of right now this second, Hillary and I just finished our first home cooked meal and Im awaiting her to finish the dishes so we can relax. Its been non-stop crazyness since we have been home. Alot of running out for errands, grocery shopping, school business and etc. We are both working at the school bookstore starting tomorrow, and I begin Outback on Monday. I met the new proprietor and he seems really professional and really appears to know his stuff which is comforting. Im still a lil nervous about this whole living so far from home but I know in my heart it will be alright! This Saturday my good friend Dj Moyn will be staying with us and all of us will be seeing Paul Van Dyke in Central Park and then maybe Danny Tenaglia later Sat night at Pacha. Its going to be a crazy fun filled home comming.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Time to say goodbye

Today was a lil hard. Hillary and I went to my parents house for our last dinner. It was a little hard, and not to mention it was especially hard saying goodbye to Weenie. I saw how he and Bailey (my parents dog) interacted and it seems as if they will have alot of fun together. This will be the furthest I have ever lived and I know things are gonna be great.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

7 days away......

So, I have already made an attempt to fall asleep and that has failed me. I have to work at 6:00am at Wegmans and Its 12:58 right now. Im getting a little ansy about the Big Move to NYC. Im a little scared and very excited. I know that Manhattanville is where I want to be because I definately want an education, and I know that being so close to NYC is what I want as well. To leave the only home I've ever known is a little scary though. Leaving Weenie will be pretty tough as well seeing as he has kept me such great company. But my parents will be taking good care of him and that makes me happy. I just hope that taking the gamble to move to NYC will pay off and not blow up in my face. I will have a job working for Outback which is nice and hopefully (crossing fingers) I will make enough money to survive and live comfortably just working there. I dont wanna run myself ragged like I do now. Well its only 7 days away until the big move and Im still counting down day by day.......